Hiring a Video Editor: Qualities to Look for in a Video Editor

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Video is one of the most effective mediums for promoting a product or brand. But the flipside of this is that digital video marketing is a highly exacting field. People expect quality from videos⁠ — every second needs to be worth their attention. That can be tough on a small business. But hiring a video editor brings this within reach.

Hiring a video editor or a freelance video editor saves you time, money, and the effort of doing things yourself⁠ — to say nothing of learning the skills in the first place. And you still get a high-quality finish and customized services, where your videos are edited according to your business’ needs and specifications.

What Does A Video Editor Do?

Video editing services these days cover a broad spectrum, from the general to the specialized. These services include re-sequencing clips and trimming or cutting segments. They can also cover visual effects and transitions to make videos more attractive as a whole.

A video editor assembles recorded material into completed videos or films that are ready for publication or broadcasting. They use video editing skills to cut, splice or connect dialogues, camera footage, graphics, sound, and special effects. This results in a final video output that contains the right information and is done in the prescribed format.

A good video editor can also apply artistic editing tactics to make a video more appealing and eye-catching, especially if it’s what the production director wants the video to turn into. Video editing is often done as a final stage of a video content marketing creation.

4 Traitsof A Good Video Editor

Here are some important video editing skills to look for during the interview process:

# 1. Good Communication Skills

A video editor works closely with people during the video shoots and while editing the final video. Having good verbal communication skills ensures that they give the right message in the right way. In addition, written communication skills are vital when proofreading the video scripts to limit errors.

Being an active listener is also important since video editors deal with feedback from stakeholders. They should be able to ask questions for clarification and be quiet while others are sharing their ideas or feedback.

You should be able to see if they can communicate well during the job interview. Not only should they be able to answer questions directly, but they should also be able to expound on answers that you think need follow-ups or further clarifications. They should also know how to ask questions to clarify a point under discussion.

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# 2. Ability To Commit To Projects

Find a video editor who can stick with you until the completion of the project despite many hurdles along the way. For one, it takes a long time to edit depending on the complexity of a video editing project. Additionally, final edits are also very stressful due to time constraints. And the fact that they should ensure that the final videos are in line with the goals and objectives of their intended digital marketing audience.

In short, however hectic and challenging the video editing is, your video editor should stay until they’re able to send finished, high-quality videos.

During the interview, you can ask them to cite past work that they completed. Also, ask if there were instances that they left in the middle of a project and the reason behind it. Lastly, you can also protect your company from instances like these by including a clause about it in the contract or agreement.

# 3. Team Player

A video editor is a part of a team. Thus, they should be able to work productively with others, especially while editing the video. Being a team player allows them to develop good working relationships with other teams so they can meet deadlines.

Your company should set the standards for collaboration. As a team player, your online video editor should know them or be able to quickly learn these:

# 4. Adaptability

Working with other people during high-stress situations requires adaptability and flexibility. Marketing with video production is rife with delays due to technical difficulties, late deliveries, and wrong choices on scripts, templates, locations, and resources.

Find a video editor who’s flexible enough to deal with unexpected delays and problems during the video editing process. They should know how to use the video editing tools that your company uses in your video editing projects and be able to alter scripts quickly when needed. Knowing people to call as backups in case you’re short on resources is also a good sign.

During the interview, ask for instances that they needed adaptability to accomplish projects. Or ask how they’d handle situations that require them to be adaptable.

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